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Information and Resources for the New FCCLA Adviser



Getting started as an FCCLA adviser can be as simple as 1...2....3!

1. Begin by downloading the "Action Plan for New Advisers" below.
Take a few minutes to review the plan and note any questions you have.

2. Contact Kathleen Buchanan, the Virginia FCCLA Membership and Adviser Development Coordinator, who is responsible for helping with membership and affiliation.
Kathleen will assist you in beginning the affiliation process. Her contact information is:
phone: (540) 348-5377

3. Get help from an experienced adviser near you.
Kathleen can put you in contact with an experienced adviser who is willing to serve as a mentor as you begin the process of starting a chapter.


Action Plan for New Advisers
This plan will serve as a beginning step and promote greater involvement as the adviser and chapter gain experience. Click the red text above to download this MSWord document.

Connect with the Virginia FCCLA State Staff
An important step in starting an FCCLA chapter is to contact the state staff – they want to get to know you and are ready help. Click the red text above for contact information on each Virginia FCCLA state staff member.

Take a Look at Resources from National FCCLA
The national FCCLA organization also has resources helpful to new advisers. Click the red text below for:
New Adviser Handbook

Link to Adviser Page of National FCCLA Website

FCCLA and FACS - How Do They Fit?
Click the red text to download a graphic depicting FCCLA's integral connection to Family and Consumer Sciences courses.  All FACS courses have competencies related to student leadership development.  Specific FCCLA programs will also be useful curriculum tools in all FACS courses.