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Competitive Events

In FCCLA, Competitive Events are designed to demonstrate skills and knowledge obtained through enrollment in Family and Consumer Sciences courses. Because FACS includes a wide range of life skills and courses are designed for both middle school and high school students, a large number of Competitive Events have been created to meet the needs of students in all courses and all academic levels. Photos from the annual Virginia FCCLA STAR Events competitions are available at the bottom of this page.

Competitive Events include:

red arrow FCCLA Skill Demonstrations held during the National Cluster Meetings each fall

red arrow The FCCLA/LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl (begins at the National Cluster Meetings and continues to the National Leadership Conference)

red arrow FCCLA Virtual Business Challenge-Personal Finance (an online competition that is free for affiliated FCCLA members)

red arrow STAR Events (begin at the state level then progress to the NLC; VA does have a small number of state events that do not move on to a national competition)

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VA Competitive Events WinnersClick the red text for a list of national Competitive Events winners from Virginia.

VA STAR Manual link
Click the Virginia STAR Events Manual button to connect to the STAR Events section of this website. STAR Events begin at the state level and progress to the national level.

Click the logo to connect to the Competitive Events section of the national website. This site has information on the Skill Demonstration Events (held at Cluster Meetings), the FCCLA/LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl, the FCCLA Virtual Business Challenge-Personal Finance, and the national STAR Events.

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Virginia STAR Events Contact:
Debbie Will

VA FCCLA State Adviser & STAR Events Coordinator

Phone: (804) 364-2529

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