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Online 2018 STAR Events and conference registration is open!
Scroll to the bottom right of this page to begin the 2018 STAR Events registration process.

National STAR Events Manual

National FCCLA provides the National STAR Events Manual as a section of the Competitive Events Guide online as a free service to affiliated chapters.  The manual for use in the 2018 state and national STAR Events will be available on the chapter's affiliation portal under the "Resources"tab. The national manual contains revisions to existing events plus rules for the online events. Virginia FCCLA chapters will also need the information provided below in the Virginia State STAR Events Manual in order to register for and participate in all Virginia STAR Events at the 2018 Virginia FCCLA competitions, to be held in Virginia Beach during the State Leadership & Recognition Conference, April 13-15.

STAR Events logo

STAR Trophies

Important Reminder:
State conference and Virginia STAR Events registration will be a combined process, completed online for all affiliated chapters. In order for chapters to appear in the online registration site, affiliation with the national FCCLA organization must be completed by February 15.

STAR Events Contact
Debbie Will

VA FCCLA State Adviser &
STAR Events Coordinator

Phone: (804) 364-2529

Please contact Debbie with questions
related to Virginia STAR Events.

Click the icon for a PDF slide show of photos from the 2017 Virginia STAR Events

2017 STAR icon

Volunteers Are Crucial to Our Success
Virginia STAR Events Manual

STAR Events cannot happen without people in place to help run events, serve as evaluators, or assist with other tasks. Each year, we need well over 250 volunteers just to implement our one-day event. Each chapter that enters students into STAR Events competition at the state level is required to provide at least one qualified individual to assist with the events (room consultant, evaluator, etc.). This means the adviser may need chaperones for students while the adviser is involved. If the adviser is unable to assist, chapters must provide a qualified adult (chaperone, alumni member, etc.) to serve in his or her place. Volunteer sign-ups for STAR Events can be done on your online conference registration, or you can use the form/s available by clicking the red text below.

yellow starClick here for volunteer forms (room consultant, evaluator, STAR Attendant, other)


The  manual for Virginia's STAR Events will be updated annually to reflect changes in the national events. The revised Virginia manual downloads for each event are posted below.

yellow starVirginia FCCLA STAR Events registration must be done online for the 2018 events.

Instructions and links to the online registration will be provided in Step 4 in January.  Check back then for details.

yellow starThe introductory and general information file titled "An Introduction" contains critical instructions for ALL events and participants, including required forms, and must be downloaded by any Virginia FCCLA chapter whose members plan to participate in STAR Events.

yellow starRules for all STAR Events (national as well as state events) are listed separately below for downloading. 

Click the red text in the right column to download the Virginia State STAR Events files (PDF documents) files for the 2018 state competitions. * INDICATES THE FILE WAS UPDATED ON JANUARY 5, 2018
(note: files may take some time to download)

STEP 1:  Download the Checklist for Advisers

This checklist provides critical step-by-step instructions for entering students in Virginia FCCLA STAR Events.  Please use it to save time and minimize costly errors.

Virginia FCCLA Checklist for Advisers
Virginia Online Registration Process

Registration for Virginia STAR Events participation will be online again this year. Instructions for the online process will be posted when the site is open for registration.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  STAR Events participants must also register for and participate in the state conference.  Conference registration is a separate fee from STAR Events entry. Go to the State Leadership & Recognition Conference page of this website to begin the combined conference and STAR Events registration process.


STEP 2:  Download the "Introduction" Section of the Manual

The "Introduction" is a mandatory document that contains important forms and information needed to enter any event.  Do not proceed to the specific state event downloads until you have downloaded the "Introduction" document.

Introduction (required for all events)

STEP 3:  Download the Specific Event Information

The specific event files contain rules unique to the state competition. Click the red text to open or download.

Classic Knife Cuts and Chicken Fabrication
Culinary Arts Exhibit - categories are:
- Breads
- Decorated Cakes
- Patisserie/Confectionery
- Show Pieces
All terms in the national event rules written in italics are defined in the Glossary. The national Glossary is provided here for easy reference.

Click for Glossary


Click for Advocacy Click for Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation
*Click for Applied Math for Culinary Management *Click for Illustrated Talk
Click for Career Investigation *Click for Interior Design
Click for Chapter in Review Display *Click for Interpersonal Communications
*Click for Chapter in Review Portfolio Click for Job Interview
Click for Chapter Service Project Display Click for Leadership
Click for Chapter Service Project Portfolio
*Click for Life Event Planning
Click for Culinary Arts *Click for National Programs in Action
*Click for Early Childhood Education Click for Nutrition and Wellness
Click for Entrepreneurship Click for Parliamentary Procedure
*Click for Environmental Ambassador Click for Promote and Publicize FCCLA
*Click for Fashion Construction Click for Recycle and Redesign
Click for Fashion Design Click for Say Yes to FCS Education
Click for Focus On Children *Click for Sports Nutrition
Click for Food Innovations Click for Teach and Train

STEP 4: Continuing for 2018 -Complete the online combined conference and STAR Events registration process for each participant: 

  • Prior to February 15 ~ affiliate all chapter members with the national FCCLA organization so that those student names will apear in the list for your conference registration; members must first be affiliated in order to register for STAR Events
  • By February 15 ~ $20 entry fee per participant
  • February 16 - March 15 (late entrees must be pre-approved by Debbie Will, as events will fill up) ~ $40 entry fee per participant
  • March 16, until final cut-off (late entries must be pre-approved by Debbie Will, as events will fill up) ~ $60 entry fee per participant

In the unfortunate event that an adviser makes a mistake on a STAR Events registration that is not discovered until after the substitution/final change deadline, it may be possible for event coordinators to still make these changes – decisions will be made on a case by case basis. An administrative fee of no more than $70 per participant (less the cost of entry fees already paid) will be assessed for any changes that are able to be made. Refer to the introduction section - page 9, item #5.

Online STAR Events and Conference Registration is open!

Click here to download instructions on navigating the online registration site:
2018 Conference & STAR Events Instructions

Click here to proceed to the registration site:

REMINDER: STAR Events participants must also be registered for and participate in the State Leadership & Recognition Conference.  For the 2018 conference, registration will be done in conjunction with the online STAR Events entry.  Click here to go to the State Leadership & Recognition Conference page for details on the 2018 process.


Competitive Events Updates &
Important Information
2018 updates are posted below.
yellow starClick here for a summary of major changes in state and national events for 2017-18.
yellow starClick here to download Tips for Managing Competitive Events
yellow starClick here to download a complete list of 2018 events & categories for easy reference.
yellow starClick here for Culinary Arts Standard Equipment List – Box 1 - revised for 2018 state competition
The equipment list for the live Culinary Arts team event (Box 1) is posted here. This is intended as a generic list of items the teams will need every year. A separate Box 2 list will be sent to registered chapters that will include additional items needed specific to the chosen menu. 


Culinary Display 1

Goold Banner

Award Presentation

Presentation 2

Culinary Team