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National FCCLA Conferences and Events

Information on all conferences and events sponsored by the national FCCLA organization can be found on their Web site. Click the buttons provided below to access specific pages related to upcoming meetings.

National Meetings Web page

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National FCCLA has a Dress Code for members participating in any meeting or event sponsored by the national organization. Click the button below to view a PDF document explaining the National FCCLA Dress Code.
National Dress Code

Cost Estimate for the
Virginia Delegation at the
National Leadership Conference

The cost per person to attend a National Leadership Conference with the Virginia Delegation depends largely on air fares and the number of persons occupying a sleeping room.  To assist with advance planning and fundraising, the per person cost can be estimated at $1200 - $1500 based on four people in a room.  To that estimate, add $300 for three in a room; add $600 for two in a room; or add $900 for a single room.

The estimate provided includes conference registration, air fare and transportation to hotel, hotel room, special events, and the Virginia Delegation activities package. Chapters are encouraged to participate in the NLC as part of the Virginia Delegation and take advantage of savings available through group discounts on special activities. However, chapters may choose to make their own arrangements, and in this case, would not take part in the special activities arranged as part of the Virginia package. Questions about the Virginia Delegation activities should be directed to Connie Rhoton, State Adviser.



The 2020 National Leadership Conference will be in Washington, D.C.
July 5 - 9
Check the national website for details.


Future National Meetings

Click the button below to view lists of dates and sites for future national FCCLA meetings.

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Photos of the Virginia Delegation at the 2015 NLC in Washington, DC
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Photos of the Virginia Delegation at the 2014 NLC in San Antonio
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2014 NLC Slides 2014 National Conference