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Adviser Awards Recipients
Click the button to view current award winners and a list of Virginia FCCLA advisers receiving recognition for their accomplishments.

Follow this link to the application for Master Adviser and Adviser Mentor. http://fcclainc.org/advisers/adult-awards.php
The application is due to Kathleen Buchanan by February 1.

Teacher of Teachers Award Nomination Form
Click the red text above to download the nomination form for the Teacher of Teachers award. This award is given to FCCLA advisers who have encouraged a student to become an FCS teacher. The person making the nomination must be a college junior or senior who is an FCS education major, or a current teacher who has been in the classroom for five years or less.

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Lesson Plans

Thank you to the 2018-19 State Executive Council Advisers for the support they provided to the state officers and for their creative efforts in managing activities and decorations at the 2019 state conference.

New Advisers Page
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2019 Spirit of Advising Award
Ginny Miller

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Rachel Heather

Advisers 5
Sally 2

Allison Jane


Virginia FCCLA Affiliation Tips for 2019-20 Click the red text for a tips sheet on the national online affiliation process, including a form that may be helpful in gathering needed information.
Affiliation Tips 2019-20

Virginia FCCLA Dress Code
Click here to download a copy of the Virginia FCCLA Dress Code. The dress code is a great tool to use in preparing students for state meetings, chapter field trips, visits with community leaders or educational partners – or it can be a useful tool for teaching professional image and workplace skills.
VA FCCLA Dress Code - revised Sept. 23, 2018

Web Quest Activity for Students
Click below to download a Web Quest classroom activity based on this Web site.  Use it to familiarize students with the wide variety of information on this site and with the opportunities available through FCCLA involvement.
Web Quest 2019-20
Adviser's Web Quest 2019-20 Answer Key

Fundraising Opportunity
Henthorn & Associates is partnering with Virginia FCCLA to help local chapters meet their fundraising needs. Be sure to contact Bill Henthorn to customize a fundraising program to support local chapter service learning projects and to support student leaders in attending state and national conferences. Check his website for more information: http://www.henthornfundraising.com/about-us.html

Host a County or Regional Rally Using Virginia FCCLA's Toolkit: FCCLA in a Flash
FCCLA in a Flash is a toolkit developed by a team of Virginia FCCLA chapter advisers designed to provide all the materials and resources an adviser would need to coordinate a county-wide or multi-county leadership rally for FCCLA members. The comprehensive kit comes on a flash drive, with no cost to the adviser except a written commitment to conduct the rally for multiple FCCLA chapters. An information flyer and a sample of the recommended agenda are provided as downloads below. For additional information, contact Kathleen Buchanan, Membership & Adviser Development Coordinator for Virginia FCCLA: kvcbuchanan@gmail.com
FCCLA In a Flash Information
Sample Rally Agenda

Link to National FCCLA's Adviser Web Page

Tips on Preparing Students for State and National Meetings
Click the red text above to download this document in MSWord format.

Chapter Adviser Recertification Points Form
Advisers to affiliated Virginia FCCLA chapters may complete this form to request recertification points from the school division for carrying out FCCLA activities outside of class time. Because FCCLA is a co-curricular part of your program, only time spent outside of regular school hours can be counted. For each hour spent, one recertification point can usually be earned. Keep in mind that the final decision for awarding points is left up to local administrators.

Virginia FCCLA's Adviser-to-Adviser Leaders
Virginia has two experienced chapter advisers serving annually as leaders of the state adviser-to-adviser network.  Their contact information is listed below.  Kathleen Buchanan, Virginia FCCLA's Membership and Adviser Development Coordinator will assist in the mentoring advisers and will coordinate the national recognition process for Master Adviser and Adviser Mentor.  Kathleen will provide assistance to advisers in affiliation, membership strategies, and program implementation.  Chapter advisers are encouraged to contact these outstanding adult leaders for assistance in implementing FCCLA into the Family and Consumer Sciences curriculum.

Amanda Kinser
Burton Center (Roanoke)

Jennifer Mullen
Culpeper County High School
757-615-8197 jmullen@culpeperschools.org
Kathleen Buchanan
4216 Maury River Road
Rockbridge Baths, VA 24473

P. Buckley Moss Print Commissioned by Virginia FCCLA Is Available for Chapter Fundraising
The print by renowned Virginia artist, P. Buckley Moss, which was commissioned by our state association as part of our FCCLA 60th anniversary celebration is still available for sale. The Virginia FCCLA Leadership Foundation is pleased to offer localchapters the opportunity to purchase our P. Buckley Moss prints at a reduced cost and sell them for a profit to benefit your chapter! The print is titled Family and Consumer Sciences - Education for a Lifetime.
A limited supply of prints, in quantities of no more than 10, can be purchased for $60 each (plus shipping) and you are allowed to sell them for $80, keeping a $20 profit on each print sold.
Individual prints may be purchased, as well, and displayed in your department, used as gifts for retiring FACS teachers or administrators, etc.
The attached flyer provides more details.  We hope you take advantage of this offer!

(debbiewillFCCLA@comcast.net)  Click here to download a copy of the order form for the P. Buckley Moss print:  Order Form

Useful Links for FCCLA Advisers

~ National FCCLA – www.fcclainc.org
~ Virginia Dept. of Ed. - Family and Consumer Sciences –
~ Virginia CTE Resource Center –

~ Virginia CTE Web Site - www.doe.virginia.gov/instruction/career_technical/programs/index.shtml
~ Virginia Association of Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences –http://www.vatfacs.org/PDI/index.html

~ Virginia Department of Education Web Site - http://www.doe.virginia.gov/

Heather Kerri
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Let's keep our profession strong!