College Day

Show that membership in FCCLA counts by attending College Day: Say Yes to FCS and FCCLA. This is a perfect time for members to see the state FCCLA officers in action, hear about upcoming opportunities for the year, and discover career pathways in the FCS field of education and employment, all while seeing the college campus and dining facilities. Check back for a link to register!

The College Day program will be held at the following locations:
Bridgewater College: October 11, 9 am-3 pm
Virginia State University: November 2, 9 am-3 pm
Virginia Tech date TBA

The registration fee is $30 for each attendee (see note below).  Final program details will be emailed once registration is complete.

NOTE:  One adviser attends free with eight members attending. A first-year adviser or new chapter adviser attends free with four members (additional funding is provided by the Virginia FCCLA Leadership Foundation and co-sponsored by the university).

Advisers must collect a signed and completed Student Medical Release & Code of Conduct form from every student attending this event. Forms are not to be turned in but advisers must keep them in their possession while at the event. Click here for the student form.

All attendees MUST be affiliated FCCLA members during the 2023-2024 school year, preferably by the time registration is submitted. Make College Day part of an incredible year of FCCLA!

If there are questions prior to submitting registration, please contact Kathleen Buchanan, Virginia FCCLA Membership and Adviser Development Coordinator at