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State Leadership & Recognition Conference Information

yellow starEntry forms and information for STAR Events are provided in the STAR Events section of this Web site. The online registration site for the 2020 conference is now open and is found in Step 3 below.

The 2020 Conference Has Been Cancelled
and Will Not be Held April 17-19 in Virginia Beach

Per the Governor's directive, the Virginia FCCLA State Leadership & Recognition Conference scheduled for April 16-19, 2020 is officially cancelled. Remember to contact your conference hotel to cancel your room reservations! We are working to offer virtual competition and scholarship options, as well as a plan for state officer elections. More specific information on STAR Events competition will be sent separately to those chapter advisers with registered participants. A form to request a refund on conference registration fees and banquet tickets is found in the Forms section in Step 4 below - this form is due to Connie Rhoton by March 20. We are working to reduce/eliminate the handling fee typically held for registration and banquet tickets that covers expenditures that were already obligated. If adjustments to the handling fee prove to be possible, we will revise that total on our end so that advisers do not have to submit a new refund form. Please note that STAR Events entry fees are not refundable - please watch your email for updates about how state STAR Events competitions will be handled.

Conference Registration for Non-Affiliated Attendees:  We welcome “friends of FCCLA” who are not guests of an affiliated chapter to participate in the conference. These may include Alumni & Associates members, the Ruby Circle (retired advisers), college/university groups, or foundation donors. A registration form is available and can be sent via email, fax or postal service.  Guests who are being registered by advisers as part of their chapter group do not need to register separately on this form. Request this form by contacting:
Connie Rhoton at crhoton@mecc.edu; phone: 276-698-5154

Contact for questions about the state conference:
Connie Rhoton


Contact for questions about competitive events:
Deborah Will



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Conference Registration Process & Forms for Affiliated FCCLA Chapters

Information for the 2021 Conference Will Be Available in the Fall

Step 1: Download the General Information file and review carefully prior to downloading the conference forms. The general information explains important policies and procedures as well as an overview of new activities at the conference. Various forms related to activities and opportunities during the conference are found in the "Additional Forms" list provided after Step 4. A helpful checklist of conference registration steps is provided here.

SLRC General Information

Adviser's Checklist
Coming in the fall: Click the buttons above for 2021 conference information.
Step 2:

Hotel Reservations - Required Forms

Use the forms, provided as a download below, to make reservations at one of the hotels honoring a Virginia FCCLA housing block. It is important for attendees to use one of these designated hotels in order to maintain adequate blocks of rooms and rates for future years.
Fax or mail the Hotel Reservation Form directly to the selected hotel by February 15, to assure listed rates. Make reservations earlier if you have a strong preference for a specific hotel since many fill up quickly. This form is sent to the selected hotel, not to VA FCCLA.

Reservation Forms for All Conference Hotels Will Be Available in the Fall
Click the red text above to download the housing forms for the nine hotels in the Virginia FCCLA conference blocks.

Check in the fall for the Hotels List- an easy reference list of the FCCLA hotels, rates, amenities, and number of rooms in our FCCLA block. Housing forms are available as a download above.

Updates will be made here as we are notified of full blocks. It is very important for attendees to stay at our contracted hotels in order to assure good rates and availalbe room blocks now and in the future.

Step 3:

Affiliated FCCLA Chapters
Complete affiliation with national FCCLA using their online process in order to appear in the Virginia FCCLA conference/STAR Events registration site.

Coming in the fall: Click below to download instructions on navigating the online registration site:

Coming in the fall: Use the link below to register until February 15. The link is now active.

Online registration closes and onsite registration goes into effect after April 3.
To expedite the onsite registration process and speed up wait time at registration packet pick-up, please complete the on-site registration form, available here as a download in March. If possible, email it to vafcclaslrc@gmail.com.
(form will be posted in March)

Rates for 2020 will be listed in the rates box on the right side of this page.

Important forms for participation in special conference activities are provided in Step 4. The two forms listed here are required for any chapter bringing students to the conference:

Student Medical Release & Conduct Form
(Required for each student attendee.)

Adviser Acknowledgement of Responsibility Form
(Required for each attending chapter.)

Virginia FCCLA Dress Code - revised fall 2018


STAR Events Registration

Registration of FCCLA members in a STAR Event competition is now done in conjunction with registration for the state conference. Students entering a STAR Event must also be registered for the state conference. Click on the STAR Events Manual button for detailed information on STAR Events categories and related entry forms.
VA STAR Manual

Step 4:

Additional Forms: Coming in the fall of 2020
Additional forms will be provided below to involve attendees in special conference activities and opportunities. All forms are in an MSWord format.

Host Form (in MSWord format to download and email) or: follow this link to a Google doc (by March 10) to sign up students to serve as hosts for general sessions or workshops: Google Doc Link Host Form

Refund Request Form - download this form to request a registration refund by March 20; banquet refund by March 31. Please remember changes can be made in the online registration site up until Feb. 15 with no handling fee. After Feb. 15, a processing fee will be charged for each request. See form for details.

Outreach Project Donation Form - download this form to support the 2020 conference outreach project (due March 15)

Pizza Order Form - Use this form to order pizza for your attendees for Friday at the convention center. Payment is made through the online registration link. NOTE: Outside food & beverages are not allowed in the VBCC.

Senior Spotlight Form - download this form to recognize up to 3 senior members for outstanding FCCLA involvement (due March 15)

Click the icon to view a PDF file of photos demonstrating appropriate banquet/gala attire for female attendees.



The 2019-20 state conference leadership team worked so hard to create a great conference experience. Even though the event has been cancelled, we truly appreciate their efforts and know they are amazing "Friends" to all in Virginia FCCLA!

Photos from the 2018
State Conference

Photos from the 2016
State Conference
2016 SLRC Pics Icon

Click the icons to view photos from previous conferences.
SLRC Photos

2014 SLRC Icon

2013 Conference Pics

2019 Conference Press Release

Follow-up on your conference participation by publicizing it in your local papers. Use the sample press release to create an article about your educational experiences and STAR Events involvement. The 2020 conference press release will be available in February.



A certificate of participation in the state conference is available above. Names can be added to this MS Word document to personalize the certificate.

If you have questions regarding the State Leadership & Recognition Conference, contact:

Connie Rhoton, State Adviser
Phone: (276) 698-5154
Fax: (276) 386-7454

Rates for 2020 Conference Registration will be posted in November.
(Does not include STAR Events entry fees.)

Early Registration ~ by February 15: $95

Regular Registration ~ Feb. 16 to April 3: $120

On-Site Registration ~ after April 3: $140
Must request form from Connie Rhoton.

Banquet/Gala Ticket: $39

Dates for Future Conferences
These are tentative dates pending finalization of meeting space contracts:
April 16-18, 2021
April 1-3, 2022