New Advisers

Getting started as an FCCLA adviser can be as simple as 1…2….3!

1. Begin by downloading the New Adviser Action Plan
Take a few minutes to review the plan and note any questions you have specific to Virginia FCCLA.

2. Contact Kathleen Buchanan, the Virginia FCCLA Membership and Adviser Development Coordinator, who is responsible for helping with membership and affiliation.
Kathleen will assist you in beginning the affiliation process, and in joining the new VA FCCLA Adviser Facebook group. Her contact information is:
phone: (540) 348-5377

3. Get help from an experienced adviser near you.
Kathleen can put you in contact with an experienced adviser who is willing to serve as a mentor as you begin the process of starting a chapter.

Virginia FCCLA’s Adviser-to-Adviser Leaders
Virginia has two experienced chapter advisers serving annually as leaders of the state adviser-to-adviser network.  Their contact information is listed below.  Kathleen Buchanan, Virginia FCCLA’s Membership and Adviser Development Coordinator will assist in the mentoring advisers and will coordinate the national recognition process for Master Adviser and Adviser Mentor.  Kathleen will provide assistance to advisers in affiliation, membership strategies, and program implementation.  Chapter advisers are encouraged to contact these outstanding adult leaders for assistance in implementing FCCLA into the Family and Consumer Sciences curriculum.

Amanda Kinser
Burton Center (Roanoke)
Heather Jones
South County Middle School
Kathleen Buchanan
4216 Maury River Road
Rockbridge Baths, VA 24473

Other Resources

Check out this helpful resource from National, the New Adviser Handbook (newly updated for the 2021-22 school year!)

Include FCCLA Lessons in all FCS classes using some of these Lesson Plans

National provides numerous helps for advisers

Reach out to a state officer and their adviser who are willing to “meet” with you as well as communicate by email or phone

Check out FaceBook ~ join Family, Career and Community Leaders of America group as well as Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers group, both with frequent posts of helpful information

All resources in the Adviser Section can be helpful, regardless of the years of experience