Adviser Section

Resources for Virginia FCCLA advisers can be found in Google Drive at Check this folder often, as items will be added throughout the year.

Be sure to join the Virginia FCCLA Advisers Facebook Group. Contact Kathleen Buchanan to receive an invitation to the group.

Virginia FCCLA Affiliation Tips for 2023-2024   Use this tip sheet for help with the national and state online affiliation process, including a form that may be helpful in gathering needed information.

Please note that the national office has moved! Be sure to alert your school’s bookkeeper on this new address for payment on any affiliation, conference, or other invoice payments:
13241 Woodland Park Road
Suite 100
Herndon, Virginia 20171
Phone: 703-476-4900
Fax: 703-439-2662

FCCLA Blazers Available for Rent!

Will your chapter officers and/or members be making a presentation to your local school board? What about a program planned for a community organization? The official FCCLA blazer is available for rent for short-term purposes such as these at a nominal cost. Use this rental form to request what you need!

Fundraising Ideas!

Fundraising is a crucial part of opportunities in FCCLA for your members! As your chapter is becoming solidified and plans for the year are being made, fundraising is a primary focus to ensure funding for local projects, conferences, and traveling! Here are some different categories to look at when fundraising;

Go Local! Reaching out to local businesses and companies is a great way to gain sponsorship and partners for your local chapter. Sharing what FCCLA is, its impact on the community, and how we connect to their business (through specific competitive events or career pathways, for example) will make them inclined to support!
Community is Where it Counts! Hosting bake sales, silent auctions, raffles, movie nights, and more keeps friends and families involved and able to help! Many food chains across the nation have fundraising opportunities to reach out and ask about, as well as local businesses!
• Check out a great opportunity from this national and state partner, We Help Two!

FCCLA Adviser Professional Standards Virginia FCCLA chapter advisers are encouraged to use the Professional Adviser Standards as a guide to demonstrating excellence in advising an FCCLA chapter. This can also be an effective tool in gaining support from administrators as you incorporate FCCLA projects and activities into your curriculum.

Additional Resources for Advisers (click on the links below)
• Why be an FCCLA Adviser?
• Make use of the Chapter Manual and PowerPoint to assist with member recruitment, talking to administrators and meeting new friends of FCCLA
• Stay up to date with planning and carrying out projects! Check out national FCCLA’s Annual Theme page.
• Continue to work with officers and new students to be recognized for membership growth.
• Reach out to Virginia FCCLA leaders as needed for resources and answers to questions.
• Become informed, promote and use materials from the national programs in all classes.
• Use FCCLA Week in February as the perfect time to call attention to opportunities in FCCLA membership.
• Promote Say Yes to FCS, the future of our profession and FCCLA depends on it!
• Make sure to step up and apply for adviser awards.
• Check out the many adviser webinars offered by national FCCLA.

Useful Links for FCCLA Advisers
~ National FCCLA –
Virginia Dept. of Ed. – Family and Consumer Sciences –
Virginia CTE Resource Center –
~ Virginia CTE Website –
~ Virginia Association of Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences –
~ Virginia Department of Education –