Help with Affiliation

National & State Affiliation – General Information
Students may join FCCLA only in schools with an annually affiliated chapter. Use of the FCCLA name and logo are restricted to those schools who have affiliated with the national organization in the current school year. Chapters must affiliate with national FCCLA by November 1 in order to receive a full year of membership services. Keep in mind November 1 is called the Early Affiliation deadline; members can be added any time during the school year.

Basic dues for the 2023- 2024 school year are $14 per person ($9 for national membership and $5 for state portion of membership). Local chapters may choose to charge chapter dues in addition to the national/state dues of $14. National FCCLA also offers package affiliation deals to assist chapters. Please refer to the Membership Options that are supported by the Virginia FCCLA Board of Directors. In each of the package deals, note the “extras” offered by both the national and state level of affiliation.

Affiliation information and membership materials are mailed from national FCCLA to chapters each year. Contact national FCCLA if you have not received this packet and wish to have a copy. Call (703) 476-4900 and ask for assistance with chapter affiliation if needed. However, it may be best to begin with assistance from the state staff (see below).

Affiliation Process for 2023-2024
The national FCCLA affiliation process is updated each school year and is open on August 1. Check the national organization’s website at for membership information.

An adviser tip sheet for the 2023-2024 affiliation process has been created for Virginia advisers by Kathleen Buchanan to provide help as you start the affiliation process for this school year.

Use the 2023-2024 Tip Sheet to assist with affiliation questions and the process.

This tip sheet includes a form that advisers can use to gather helpful information from students as they affiliate. Please contact Kathleen Buchanan ( if you have questions or need assistance.

During the months of August and September make use of national FCCLA’s Membership Madness Toolkit. Be sure to complete the survey in the affiliation portal showing how the toolkit was used for the possibility to earn money for the chapter.

Phone: 703-476-4900
Fax: 703-439-2662

FCS Teachers may find these documents and resources helpful when talking with students regarding joining FCCLA: