Mini-grant Recipients

Congratulations to the Virginia FCCLA local chapters who received a mini-grant in the fall of 2021!

Plan now to submit an application to fund a national program project for your chapter! Click here for the application and be sure to submit by October 1:
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Fort Defiance High ~ Students will use local seasonal produce such as apples in the fall to make applesauce, apple pie filling, apple butter, dried apples and can or package the food appropriately. Students will then help deliver the final product to food banks or local organizations that accept home preserved foods. Students will be involved in this Community Service Project from securing the harvest to delivering the finished product.

Manor High ~ Members and volunteers will make no sew face masks. We will collect and purchase items for an emergency preparedness kit that includes: face masks, first aid kits, flashlights, whistles, list of items need to carry (laminated card or magnet), and warmers, Students will learn more about the homeless population as well as elderly adults. They will lead a collection drive as well as make many items that will be needed for the emergency preparedness kits. Students will distribute items to the homeless as well as Portsmouth Volunteers and assisted living facilities.

James Wood High ~ Our project focuses on 2 of the units of Families First: Families Today – we will gain understanding of the dynamics of different types of families, especially those involved in foster care, and celebrate these families with holiday gifts and meal; and Meet the Challenge – we are working to overcome two different types of obstacles, one is financial to provide the family with a magical and celebratory Christmas and one is practical and emotional so a scared child being removed from family and all that is familiar has a nice new piece of luggage to put important belongings in to know that he/she is valuable and worthy.

Salem Middle ~ Each quarter 6th grade students will participate in the Power of Family unit.  Day 1: Students will take a survey during class on how often they do activities together as a family such as eating, watching a movie, exercising or playing games together as a family. Students will then learn about the different types of families and how families promote physical, emotional, intellectual, social and moral growth.  Day 2:  The results of the survey will then be discussed. Students will then brainstorm (Part of FCCLA planning process) ways families can have fun together without spending a lot of money. Students will most assuredly come up with lots of answers including playing games.  FCCLA sponsors the Day 3 Activity of playing games with classmates. These games include board/card games such as Uno, Sorry, Apples to Apples. Then, students will be assigned the Family Fun Activity to spend 30 minutes together as a family doing a free activity that was on our brainstorming list. Students and their parent complete questions about how the Family Fun Activity benefitted their family. I have proposed a Salem Family Fun Night where the families can sign up to come to school to play games such as those mentioned above with other families to build community as a school family.

Strasburg High ~ Family and Consumer Sciences students/FCCLA members will research the cost of pet ownership. Each will develop a budget that includes “normal” expenses, but will also take into account the unexpected pet related expenses. We will use this information to share with others, so that we can create an understanding of the financial obligation of pet ownership. This is part of our public relations for this project. Members will be setting up a pet pantry at our town dog park. We will use a large dog house to keep our donations. We will stock the donations from various sources:  initial funding from this grant, staff and member donation drives, donation boxes at area businesses, and partnerships with other schools, chapters, and classes. We also hope that community members that become aware of our pantry will make direct donations to the pantry; much like the lending libraries and food donation boxes that we have in other parts of our town. Members will monitor the pantry on a regular basis. When things are getting low or are in need, that is when we will “host” a drive at one of the various places listed above. We are excited to be asking Signal Knob Middle School FCCLA to join us in the collection. We will contact our local newspaper to see if they would be interested in doing a story on our project. This would be recognition for FCCLA, but would also create an awareness of our pantry and the need for donations and the availability of supplies for those that are experiencing financial struggles.

Patriot High ~ Both FCCLA members and the Family Relations classes at Patriot HS are wanting to advocate and educate students, staff, and community about foster children and their lack of essential items as they move from home to home.  In fact many of them leave homes with few belongings that are carried in a trash bag.  Patriot FCCLA is starting a needs drive in partnership with the Comfort Cases organization to provide 50+ backpacks with full contents to be delivered to area foster children. In addition, Patriot FCCLA students would like to make tie blankets to provide each child with a blanket of their very own. Patriot FCCLA students have partnered with our school social worker to gather data about foster students attending our school and the greater PWCS system.

Staunton High ~ FCCLA students will use the grant to continue our progress on the community garden we just began at SHS. We are creating the garden to bring attention to the importance of eating fresh local produce. Students will be addressing food insecurity and invite community members into the garden to learn about healthy food options.