Mini-grant Recipients

Congratulations to the Virginia FCCLA local chapters who received a mini-grant in the fall of 2022!

Plan now to submit an application to fund a national program project for your chapter! Click here for the application and be sure to submit by October 1:
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Halifax Co. High School ~
*Students will be bathing and walking dogs at our local animal shelter.
*FCCLA will hold drives to collect donations and supplies for our local animal shelter. We will also be promoting their Amazon Wish list on our social media account.
*Students will pick animals who have been at the shelter for an extended period of time and are in desperate need to be placed in homes. Those pets will be featured in our local newspaper and the school’s news which is shared with our community. Those animals we feature as the “Pet of the Month” will also be sponsored by our FCCLA chapter to cover their spay or neuter.

Irving Middle School ~ FCS students will actively participate in a project that expresses gratitude to the service workers in their school community. They will create “food craft” treats to present to cafeteria workers, custodians, bus drivers, and safety/security officers. In addition to assembling the food crafts (Oreo Cookie Turkeys), students will write thank you notecards for each recipient and package the food crafts in Thanksgiving-themed bags. They will also participate in the presentation of the gifts to each recipient. WIMS FCS students understand the importance of positive relationships with all members of their school community. Strengthening a general awareness of the importance of their school’s cafeteria workers, custodians, bus drivers, and security staff enables students to improve the quality of life in the school community. The act of making and giving gifts, as well as writing thank you notes, develops character, empathy, and a sense of belonging in an important community. By participating in this activity, WIMS students will use their collective agency to strengthen community ties.

James Wood High School ~ Representative of The Laurel Center (domestic violence shelter) will speak to FCS classes. The chapter will:
-Create “new life” boxes for women leaving the shelter to start a new life filled with kitchen equipment-new pots/pans, mixing bowls, colander, kitchen linens, utensils, baking dishes, oven mitts, storage containers
-Spend a day at the shelter cleaning inside and outside
-Collect cleaning supplies for the shelter
-Prepare dinner for all shelter clients one day
–Hold a Teen Dating Violence Event during FCCLA Week to educate teens about the red flags, dangers, and resources to remove self
-Partner with 7 food stores to get all dinner ingredients donated
-Promote our fundraisers and collections on social media, in our school, and ask for coverage from local radio stations and newspapers.

Katherine Johnson Middle School ~ This activity applies to the Lead unit where students use leadership skills to serve the community & transfer those skills to the work-place. The disassembly of gowns in preparation to upcycle the pieces into infant gowns will help students with character development & career preparation skills in the textile/fashion field. Students will learn group interaction & communication skills, empathy for families facing grief, and patience while doing the disassembly. With this community service project, members will view themselves as valuable community resources. This is a win-win-win situation for the Sadie Rose Foundation, FCCLA KJMS members and Sewing Club students at Woodson HS providing positive interaction among the three groups. KJMS will reach out to our Fairfax community for wedding gown donations to continue providing material pieces to the Sadie Rose Foundation and expanding our community service outreach beyond the school walls.

Manor High School ~ The activities that will take place are identify money and counting; learning the value of saving; learn ways that even they can earn money; understanding wants vs. needs; setting goals for saving and spending and beginning their own savings plan. We will work with a local financial institute and the parents to open a savings account for each participant. The project will take place one day a week for six weeks. The audience are children ages 5-12 living in low-income housing.

~Members will prepare a presentation for Drivers Education Classrooms and to 9th grade classrooms.
~Members will have informative and educational booths set up at community events, high school games, and during lunch.
~Members will prepare and conduct activities related to distracted driving and the importance of following local rules and regulations at the Scott County FCCLA Fall Rally
~Members will display posters and displays throughout our complex and at the CTE Center related to distracted driving
~Members will implement a school wide presentation (2nd Semester) with multiple agencies attending: this will include a mock traffic accident, traffic games and activities, educational information, and guest speakers.
Members will address each of the three topic areas, People, Vehicles and Roads while promoting the importance of saving lives. They will educate adults and their peers about youth traffic safety by being visible at school and community functions.

Burton Center for Arts & Technology ~ We will design and lead a mental health “zen zone” 1-2 times per month. Our school takes a 20 minute campus-wide break in the middle of our morning and afternoon class blocks. We will plan and advertise the theme and activity for the upcoming zen zone, and invite all students on campus to participate during the break window. Activities include: November: Bubbles and Chalk drawings; Coloring Station // December: Snowflake Painting // January: Yoga; Fidgets/sensory toys and Play-doh Station // February: Friendship Bracelet Making; Indoor Gardening.

The project will most accurately align with the Student Body unit, The Real You. Some activities will also align with other Student Body units, but our main focus is on mental health. The goal of the zen zone activities is to educate students about methods to relieve stress and promote mental health and resilience. We will work with our school counselor to get her input and make activities more meaningful; we will invite her to join activities and provide a more professional outlook on how these activities can help students manage their mental health, and to provide suggestions for other management methods.

Overall, we hope to reach different students who are interested in trying different activities, but we also hope we will have some “regulars” who attend all the zen sessions.