Mini-grant Recipients

Congratulations to the Virginia FCCLA local chapters who received a mini-grant in the fall of 2020!

East Rockingham High ~ Members will plan, virtually “shop” for, design and decorate the LOVE sign in partnership with Elkton Progressive Improvement Committee and the Town of Elkton. A new design will be selected each month. This community service project is a partnership with the Elkton Progressive Improvement Committee and the Town of Elkton, Virginia. In addition to this community service project, students will partner with local assisted living facilities to “Adopt a Grandparent” in which they send cards and do other virtual activities, and to create chalk drawings outside of the facilities to bring residents comfort. Lastly, as part of our community service project, students in Child Development and Early Childhood Education will read books to elementary students as a way to promote literacy and foster positive relationships.

Grayson County CATE Center ~ FCCLA members and school staff who are interested in learning sewing skills will be encouraged to attend a workshop (Note: Social Distancing and Safety Protocols will be followed throughout these activities). Members and staff would then be encouraged to serve their community by sewing cloth masks for community members. Students could reserve sewing equipment to use at home.

Stuarts Draft Middle ~ Since March 2020, many families not been able to participate in many of the activities that they usually participate in. We want to give our community options to participate in family activities that do not cost a lot. For example, family meal time, family game night, and just getting outside. We want to be able to give students the resources to take home and execute plans for their families. The first activity would be preparing a recipe booklet of easy-to-make recipes that the entire family could make together. We would also send information home about setting the table and making meal time pleasant. Our goal would be for everyone in Stump Elementary, Stuarts Draft Elementary, and Stuarts Draft Middle School to get this book. The next activity would be promoting a family game night. We would like to send games home that could be played as a family. The last activity would be items to get outside and play as a family. These items might include sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, balls, and other items that families could use to get active.

Prince Edward County High ~ Students will learn how to juggle basic objects such as plastic bags progressing to balls, rings and eventually more difficult objects such as clubs. This will help develop their eye-hand coordination and brainpower as studies show juggling may help the brain grow and expand in gray matter which directly affects visual and motor activity. Students will participate by Zooming teacher and other outside sources such as professional jugglers, Youtube, etc to give more assistance and from different perspectives. Currently during pandemic students are even more likely to be very static in exercising and daily movement. By giving students something different to incorporate exercise in their daily routine they are more apt to participate.