State Rules


Statement on mask requirement for Virginia FCCLA state conference:

The Virginia FCCLA Board of Directors set a mask requirement for the 2022 state conference, and the Executive Committee of the board recently met and reaffirmed that decision. There are a number of factors at play as to why the mask requirement will remain in place:
• all promotional and registration materials have listed the mask policy so that may have been a factor in some chapters’ decisions to attend
• current guidelines in conference materials allow STAR participants to briefly take off their masks while speaking/presenting
• STAR events volunteers were recruited with the understanding that we had masking requirements in place
• Virginia Beach is not a “high transmission” locale, but counties where attendees will be traveling from are (and it appears CDC still recommends masks for high transmission areas)
• we have some immune-compromised individuals attending in one capacity or another who are attending based on the fact that there IS a mask policy in place

We are aligning with the policies being followed at our state conferences for other CTSOs to date, as those that have recently already been held also had mask requirements. All are erring on the side of caution for this year.

Virginia Online Registration Process
Instructions for the online registration of the STAR Events process will be posted below as Step 4. Affiliate members and register for state conference/STAR Events by February 15 for best rates!

IMPORTANT NOTE: STAR Events participants must also register for and participate in the state conference. Conference registration is a separate fee from STAR Events entry. Go to the State Leadership & Recognition Conference page of this website for more information about this year’s state conference.

Competitive Events Updates & Important Information:

Update on the 2022 Virginia FCCLA STAR Events Competitions
Our 2022 state competition will be held on Friday, April 1 as a pre-conference in-person activity in Virginia Beach. Events begin early that Friday morning so plan your travel accordingly!

Virginia FCCLA chapters will need the information in the Virginia State STAR Events Manual in order to register for and participate in all Virginia STAR Events as part of the 2022 state competition. That information is posted below.

STAR Events Contact
Deborah Will
VA FCCLA State Adviser &
STAR Events Coordinator
Phone: (804) 364-2529

Volunteers Are Crucial to Our Success
STAR Events cannot happen without people in place to help run events and serve as evaluators. Each chapter that enters students into STAR Events competition at the state level is required to provide at least one qualified individual to serve as an evaluator. The virtual competition in 2021 provides a unique opportunity for alumni members, administrators, other teachers, and any other supporters all across the country to serve. Volunteer sign-ups for STAR Events can be done on your online conference registration (either the chapter advisers already listed, or add other volunteers as “guests”), or you can use the form/s available by clicking the red text below.
Click here for volunteer forms (MSWord version)
Click here for evaluator volunteer form (Google Form version)

Virginia STAR Events Manual
The manual for Virginia’s STAR Events will be updated annually to reflect revisions in the events that are made either by national FCCLA or by the Virginia FCCLA Board of Directors. See below for current information:

STEP 1: Download the Checklist for AdvisersSTEP 2: Download the “General Information” Section of the State STAR Events Manual
This checklist provides critical step-by-step instructions for entering students in Virginia FCCLA STAR Events. Please use it to save time and minimize costly errors.The General Information section is a mandatory document, required for all events, that contains important forms and information needed to enter any event. Do not proceed to the specific event rules until you have downloaded this introduction section.

Where Do We Find Competition Rules?

Rules for STAR Events competitions developed by national FCCLA (those in the list above under “National Events”) can be found in the Resources tab of the chapter’s affiliation portal – look under “Competitive Events” and then locate the “STAR Events Guidelines”. These rules will be used at the Virginia FCCLA state competition. Some slight modifications will be made for management of events at the state competition and those can be found in the graphic above. These are the events that send qualifiers to national competition in the summer.

National has made additional corrections and edits to the STAR Events Guidelines as of February 2022. Refer to the instructions above on how to access that as your students prepare for the 2022 state competition!

Additional events are offered at the state competition that do not advance to national competition. Rules for those events are posted below.

National FCCLA is making some revisions to the Baking & Pastry and Culinary Arts competition rules due to ACF certification – these changes are for the national competition only and will be updated in the Resources section of the chapter’s affiliation portal. As of February 1, 2022, when these changes were announced to state advisers, Virginia FCCLA was already too far along in formula development for both of these events, therefore, state competition will follow the original rules posted by national FCCLA in the fall. Those original Baking & Pastry and Culinary Arts rules can be accessed by clicking on the name of the event here.

STEP 3: Download the Specific Event Information
The specific event files contain rules unique to the state competition. Click the red text to open or download.
STATE EVENT – LIVE (does not progress to national competition)
Classic Knife Cuts

Chicken Fabrication
STATE EVENT – EXHIBIT (does not progress to national competition)
Culinary Arts Exhibit – categories are:
Decorated Cake
Show Pieces
NATIONAL EVENTS (state qualifiers advance to national competition in the summer in the following:)
All terms in the national event rules written in italics are defined in the Glossary. Please refer to the national STAR Events Guide for that resource.

The FCCLA Quick Reference Citation Chart is provided here for your convenience.

Click for Quick Reference Citation Chart
Event titles: (contact for more information on these national-qualifying events)Rules for these events can be found in the national STAR Events Guide found in the chapter affiliation portal. Please note that national edited rubrics for several events. See the diagram above for Virginia management changes to these events (course requirements updated 11-29-21).
Baking and Pastry (student resources here; skill set )Interior Design
Career InvestigationInterpersonal Communications
Chapter in Review DisplayJob Interview
Chapter in Review PortfolioLeadership
Chapter Service Project DisplayNational Programs in Action
Chapter Service Project PortfolioNutrition and Wellness
Culinary Arts (skill set)Parliamentary Procedure
Culinary Math ManagementProfessional Presentation
Early Childhood EducationPromote and Publicize FCCLA
EntrepreneurshipPublic Policy Advocate
Event ManagementRepurpose and Redesign
Fashion ConstructionSay Yes to FCS Education
Fashion DesignSports Nutrition
Focus on ChildrenSustainability Challenge
Food InnovationsTeach and Train
Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation
STEP 4: Complete the online combined conference and STAR Events registration process for each participant:
Prior to February 15 ~ affiliate all chapter members with the national FCCLA organization so that those student names will appear in the list for your conference registration; members must first be affiliated in order to register for STAR Events
By February 15, 2022 ~ $25 per participant + state conference registration; NOTE: some STAR Events will reach maximum capacity and may be closed after February 15 – register early to ensure your spot!
February 16 – March 4, 2022 ~ $50 + state conference registration per participant
March 5, 2022-final cut-off ~ $75 + state conference registration per participant
Online STAR Events and Conference Registration is Open!
Click here to get instructions on navigating the online registration site

Click here to proceed to the registration site

REMINDER: STAR Events participants must also be registered for and participate in the State Leadership & Recognition Conference. Conference registration will be done in conjunction with the online STAR Events entry. Click here to go to the State Leadership & Recognition Conference page for details on the process.

Click the images below to view photos from recent STAR Events competitions.