Professional Development

FCCLA Fall Boot Camp II is designed for FCCLA advisers that are ready to move beyond the basics of having a chapter and want to gain knowledge and skills to assist members with national programs and competitions. This opportunity will be helpful to any adviser that has been enrolled in Boot Camp I in the past. This 1-1/2 day session is also beneficial for advisers with any degree of advising experience that have a desire to be a more involved and inviting chapter within the school setting of FCS classes, chapter meetings and state events. You will also take a look at ways to gain national recognition for the chapter and members. Attendees will leave with a variety of resource materials. As in fall of 2021, special attention will be given to culinary programs through a breakout session on integrating FCCLA programs and competitions, even for culinary instructors with little or no FCCLA background. We have some Virginia FCCLA culinary programs with national level competitive winners in their first year of an affiliated chapter! Congrats to them!

October 2-3, 2022    Waynesboro, VA      Best Western Hotel & Conference Center
The session begins at 4:30pm on Sunday and concludes at 3:30pm on Monday

If there are questions or concerns before submitting the registration, please contact Kathleen Buchanan at

Boot Camp II online registration form and lodging reservation form can be found here

“What’s Up Wednesdays” were offered during the 2021-2022 school year and provided updates, tips, and information on how to have an outstanding chapter. Zoom sessions were scheduled roughly two times a month. Recordings and notes from those sessions can be found here.

Virginia FCCLA provides a form for advisers for use when obtaining school administrators’ approval of FCCLA activities outside of the classroom for professional development units. The form is attached for your use: Adviser Recertification Points Form

National FCCLA periodically offers webinars for advisers – and now several for student members. Check out their offerings here.

FCCLA Adviser Professional Standards Virginia FCCLA chapter advisers are encouraged to use the Adviser Professional Standards as a guide to demonstrating excellence in advising an FCCLA chapter. This can also be an effective tool in gaining support from administrators as you incorporate FCCLA projects and activities into your curriculum.