Voting Delegates

Who is a Voting Delegate?

Voting delegates are student members of the Virginia Association selected by their chapters to cast votes on behalf of the chapter during the Business Session of the annual State Leadership & Recognition Conference. Voting typically takes place as part of:
– the election of state officers
– approval of amendments to the bylaws
– adoption of the House Rules of the annual Business Session.
According to Article XII, Section 3 of the bylaws of our state association: “The privilege of making motions, discussing, and voting shall be limited to the voting delegates and the state officers and national officer from Virginia. Voting delegates are entitled to vote only if they have signed in during the designated period and are present at the time of voting. The privilege of discussion may be extended to non-voting representatives upon the consent of two-thirds (2/3) of the voting delegates.”
According to Article XII, Section 5: “A majority of the voting delegates registered and in attendance at the State Leadership and Recognition Conference shall constitute a quorum.”
Chapters should decide which members will serve as their voting delegates prior to the Business Session.
Voting delegates must sign in 10 minutes prior to the start of the Business Session to receive a voting delegate ribbon and other voting materials.

How many Voting Delegates does a chapter have?

The number of voting delegates a chapter may have is explained in Article IV, Section 3 of our state bylaws:
“Each chapter shall be allowed the following number of voting delegates:
Up to 49 members       =          1 voting delegate
50 – 99 members          =          2 voting delegates
100 – 149 members      =          3 voting delegates
150 – 199 members      =          4 voting delegates and so on. 
Each voting delegate may only vote once.
Any chapter that is affiliated under the middle level option shall be allowed two voting delegates for each chapter.”

Chapters affiliating under national’s Unlimited Members Package are entitled to two voting delegates.

The House Rules set the procedure for how votes will be taken during the Business Session. They must be approved by the voting delegates prior to the presentation of any action requiring a vote. Click the text above to review the House Rules that will be presented for approval.