Say Yes to FCS

Virginia FCCLA members at signing ceremony to Say Yes to FCS!


Show that membership in FCCLA counts by attending College Day: Say Yes to FCS and FCCLA. This is a perfect time for members to see the state FCCLA officers in action, hear about upcoming opportunities for the year, and discover career pathways in the FCS field of education and employment, all while seeing the college campus and dining facilities. Locations are: Virginia Tech, James Madison University, and Norfolk State. Click here for details and registration form.

Once registration is submitted, additional details for the location will be sent to the adviser. This is a perfect way to recharge for the new school year.

Virginia FCCLA Encourages Members to “Say Yes to FCS!”
Virginia FCCLA has joined the national initiative to build strong leadership for the future of Family and Consumer Sciences. There is an established and growing shortage of family and consumer sciences professionals to serve in educator positions in secondary education, higher education, and Extension education. This shortage increasingly results in educator positions going unfilled or filled with unqualified individuals. Shortages of family and consumer sciences educators and those enrolled in family and consumer sciences educator preparation programs too often result in program closures. We want to make sure there are many qualified FCS educators ready and willing to be FCCLA chapter advisers! Grow Your Own!

Click the links below to connect with Virginia colleges with an FCS Education major:
Bridgewater College
Liberty University
Virginia State University
Virginia Tech

Resources and Information
FCCLA advisers are encouraged to promote FCS careers to their students. Click the red text below to access promotional videos:
Say Yes to FCS – 60 second promotional
Say Yes to FCS – 4 minute video
FCS Education in the US

Click here for information on how national FCCLA is supporting the Say Yes to FCS initiative.

Additional Recruitment Resources:
Postcard with listing of Virginia colleges with FCS Education major
Poster of Virginia Colleges with FCS Education major

Resources from the National Partnership for Recruiting, Preparing, and Supporting FCS Educators