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Virginia FCCLA Dress Code
Follow the Virginia FCCLA Dress Code for State Leadership & Recognition Conference, College Days, State Fair, and other FCCLA events at the state level.

Statement on mask requirement for 2022 Virginia FCCLA state conference:

The Virginia FCCLA Board of Directors set a mask requirement for the 2022 state conference, and the Executive Committee of the board recently met and reaffirmed that decision. There are a number of factors at play as to why the mask requirement will remain in place:
• all promotional and registration materials have listed the mask policy so that may have been a factor in some chapters’ decisions to attend
• current guidelines in conference materials allow STAR participants to briefly take off their masks while speaking/presenting
• STAR events volunteers were recruited with the understanding that we had masking requirements in place
• Virginia Beach is not a “high transmission” locale, but counties where attendees will be traveling from are (and it appears CDC still recommends masks for high transmission areas)
• we have some immune-compromised individuals attending in one capacity or another who are attending based on the fact that there IS a mask policy in place

We are aligning with the policies being followed at our state conferences for other CTSOs to date, as those that have recently already been held also had mask requirements. All are erring on the side of caution for this year.

The above link will give pictorial examples of appropriate attire for the Banquet/Gala at the state conference.

Follow the National FCCLA Dress Code for National Leadership Conference, Capitol Leadership, Fall National Conference, and other national events.